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Our Locations - Calgary, AB

Beltline - Closing Jan 29th 2023


Vegan Street offers satisfaction for every craving - vegan or not! 

Join us at our Inglewood location, with a large patio, comfort food classics, and unique margarita flavours!

Upstairs, you will find The Attic Bar & Stage,

a 2nd-floor speakeasy-style cocktail bar serving stoned-fired pizzas along with live performance every night!

Timeless, Meatless, Extraordinarily Delicious.


Ingredients Matter

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Locally Sourced Ingredients

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Made from Scratch

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Rich in Protein & Fiber

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Always 100% Plant-Based

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Grab a friend
(or your fine-a$$ self)
and book a table


We’ve Got Fans

I'll start off by saying I'm not vegetarian/vegan, and probably never will be; but have always been open to trying new things and have enjoyed certian veg/vegan items & meals in the past. We had a family member visiting who is and went here based on a recommendation from a vegan friend.
I am SO glad we did. This place blew us away. We went on wing night and ordered the Greek & Buffalo "skin-on" Chickin Wings, which were amazing and a great price (2 orders for $14). I honestly think I like the vegan version more than the "real" thing, even down to the "skin-on" wrapping.

After we bioth ordered a trio of tacos (No Fish, Chickin, & Chimichurri Beaf) & and the same thing; just blown away by how great they were! The "Fish" was made with Palm Heart, which iykyk is super versatile and delicious, but my favourite had to be the Beaf with a great taste & texture. All the ingredients in each taco were put together so well with flavours that complimented each other. Vegan alternatives have truly come such a long way in the last decade, and I'm here for it.
I'm also not kidding when I say this is my new favorite restaurant, will definitely be going back because I am obsessed with everything we ordered, and cannot wait to try more of their menu (the desserts also looked fantastic)!
Also, they have an absolutely gorgeous patio & I could probably spend my entire summer there. The service staff are all wonderful, attentive, polite, and charismatic.
They also have a great selection of drinks from cocktails to draft to non-alcoholic mocktails & beverages.
Trust me when I say do not underestimate this place, it's really that good. I've also heard wonderful things about the vegan pizza bar upstairs (next on the list for sure). If you've ever considered or wanted to try vegan food, this is definitely the place to go (although you may just find yourself disappointed with other vegan foods & places after eating here! Sorry, not sorry 😉)
The only thing I was shocked about is that this place isn't on a lot of Calgary area searches for vegan or vegetarian venues or rated listings when we were first searching for a place to go. I'm super glad that our friend recommended it, as we will definitely be long-term return patrons from now on!

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