Latin-inspired plant-based cuisine, unique margarita flavours, 100 person patio

*for parties of 10 or more, please email inglewood@veganstreet.ca

C A T E R I N G /  P R I V A T E  E V E N T S

We offer catered meals for off-site events as well as a variety of options for hosting private parties, functions, or celebrations at any of our restaurant locations. Host your wedding, birthday, or corporate gathering at Vegan Street!



I'm so upset that I didn't try this place sooner! It is a fantastic experience. The aesthetic is tropical and fun. Many background options for your obligatory Instagram post. More importantly, the food is so tasty. The tacos were stuffed full. It was amazing to have a whole menu of meatless options to pick from. Your carnivorous family and friends will enjoy it too since it's full of fresh flavors. What's really cool about this place is they only serve local products. From beverages to condiments, it's local products instead of chains and big brands (no Coca Cola or Frank's hot sauce here). So you can feel good about spending your money to support a local business that's supporting local businesses and also giving you really good plant-based food and top-notch friendly service! Can't wait to be back.


This place will make you re consider meat!! I was so surprised at how amazing vegan food can be. As an avid meat eater I can truly say this has changed my whole perspective on vegan based food. The watermelon poke tostadas taste exactly like fresh ahi and the chikin tacos tasted exactly like chicken. But the kicker was the vegan Tres leches cake. MIND BLOWING!!! 🔥T he staff was very welcoming and the spicy watermelon margarita tasted fresh and made with real juice. If you haven't tried vegan food and are curious? Make this your first stop!